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\i386\update issue


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HI guys,

I would to setup 2 xp on dvd : one "normal" one "unattended". In the unattended, one part of my update is in i386\update, others in $oem$. My issue is that i386\update is not install during xp setup. This method is working on a single CD install but not with my DVD. This is launch by svcpack.inf in i386. I've tryed to modify path from \i386\update to SETUP\XP\professional\I386 (my dvd structure) AND/OR move it to PRO2 (boot folder), install do nothing. txtsetup.sif have the correct install path.

Someone have an idea ?

Thanks !

here is my file :


Signature="$Windows NT$"









update.exe -q -n

KB824146.exe /q /n /z /o

KB823182.exe /q /n /z /o

KB824105.exe /q /n /z /o

KB824141.exe /quiet /norestart /n /o

KB825119.exe /q /n /z /o

KB826939.exe /quiet /norestart /n /o

KB828035.exe /quiet /norestart /n /o

KB828741.EXE /quiet /norestart /n /o

KB837001.EXE /quiet /norestart /n /o

KB835732.EXE /quiet /norestart /n /o

KB822603.exe -u -n -o -q -z

KB820291.exe -u -n -o -q -z

Q327979.exe -u -n -o -q -z

KB840374.EXE /quiet /norestart /n /o

DX9NTopk.exe /Q

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