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Space Ghost


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Has anybody else watched Space Ghost, it's so incredibly clever. It used to a cartoon but got cancelled in 1968 cos it was rubbish. Then, this guy took the characters and made it into a chat show. The chat show is set after a space war and he has "prisoners " The prisoners people he interviews are real people, e.g. Bjork and they do these interviews but they do online and offline editing so they can make people look really stupid, and make it funnier etc.

Please someone tell me you've seen it!

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Was always my favorite show until they removed it from late night Cartoon Network. (BAH HOW DARE THEY!)

Space Ghost Coast To Coast rocks though, regardless. Hard to find fans of the series who wanna chat about it. Brak and Zorak.. Ahh, the good old days. Why, I think I might have some SGCTC on an old vhs.

For Becca:


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