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Create ISO from a folder on HDD


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I'm trying to make a XP Pro slipstream disc and then an Unattended install disk. What I want to do is create an ISO from the files on my HDD without creating a disc. Then I plan on running the ISO on VMWare to test it out before doing the final burn.

While at work today thinking about this, I thought of exacting WinXP off the disc as an ISO and then using WInImage to add and move files to it. Will this work? And is there an easier way to do what I want with another app?

Any help with this would be great.

Tools I have:




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I got tired of doing that by hand, so now I just right click, and select either MakeDataISO or MakeBootISO. The code below assumes CDIMAGE.EXE in the path (e.g. System32), the boot image, BOOT.BIN, in the C drive at the root, and the output is E:\DATA.ISO. You may also want to adjust the switches.

... of course, what good is an ISO with a a way to burn it, thus the last two reg entries add "Burn To K:" to the right click of WinImageISO files (my ISO file type). Again, you can adjust the switches to make it work for you. You will need CDBURN.EXE in the path.

Now I know, that this is probably not what Dominix was looking for, but I've found it usefull ...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="Burn To K:"

@="CDBURN.EXE K: \"%1\" -SPEED 24"

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1.dont you need the ISO Creator for WinXP Pro.cmd anymore?

2.can you explain the switches you use!

3.can it be use'd with nero? if yes how

i like to try this out myself your right click and MakeDataISO or MakeBootISO

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1) Correct

2) CDIMAGE /? will get you the switch info. Best off copying the switches from the Unattended Guide: to use mine requires 8.3 UPPERCASE.

3) Use Nero as before, however that was ... I just use CDBURN command line.

No time for more detail ...

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I have used the one for Win XP Pro and modified it for Win 2k...seems it works for me.

@echo off
TITLE Creating ISO Image of Windows 2K Professional
ECHO Removing any possible attributes set on D:\unattended\ZRMPFPP_DE and its subfolders...
attrib -R -H D:\unattended\ZRMPFPP_DE /S /D
ECHO Creating ISO...
CDIMAGE.EXE -lWXPFPP_EN -t12/31/2002,12:00:00 -h -j1 -m -bboot.img D:\unattended\ZRMPFPP_DE D:\2kunattend.ISO

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