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Logitech Mouseware


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Haven't seen anything about this on these forums or anywhere on google, but in my preliminary testing i've used "setup.exe /s" to silently install logitech mouseware.

Let me explain.

I used winrar to extract the exe file from their site. Setup.exe is in the root folder.

I have tested this by uninstalling mouseware, verifying that logitech's custom mouse properties page is gone, then running this command. Upon completion, clicking mouse properties I get "Setup has detected mx700 mouse, configure now" or something like that. then I click next a couple times and it's done.

I haven't tested this on a real installation yet, will soon.

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HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\MouseWare\CurrentVersion\Control Center\Schemes\.Default\Devices\CordlessOptical6\0001

In case anyone is interested, the above key is where I found the configuration data that the mouseware utility edits.

Under the "Usability" key there is some of the common settings like mousetrails, double click time, acceleration.

Under the "assignments" key there is a key for each mouse button.

There is no setting to tell what each button does but instead a subkey whose name indicates the function of the button.

looks like [PermanentEvent\UnivScrollPermanent] has some extra features

Also, the silent method requires a restart before the install will take effect. You may run into problems if you attempt to configure the mouse before restarting.

attached is the entire logitech registry entry after a default configuration with only 1 change: the middle mouse button click is changed to "explore my computer"

the function subkeys don't correspond exactly with their displayed names in the mouseware utility so the easiest thing to do is configure in the utility then export the registry file.

Tested this and the entire configuration is based in the registry - remove the reg file and it thinks it's a new install, add the reg file after a new install and it skips the new install config screens.


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