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Restart between batch commands?

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or.. if the program doesnt have a "disable restart" switch, consider running "Install Right" it takes a snapshot of the b4 and after of yer pc, and lets u install the program silently (if chosen) and u have the option (within InstallRight) to choose "never restart computer, even if prompted" or something 2 that extent aslong as u put a check in the radio box for that, it will disable all restarts from the program thats causing them :)

2 run it just type

start /wait programname.exe (u dont need switches if u selected 2 silently install it from within the InstallRight program) :rolleyes:

hope this helps :D

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10x i presume install right is a software i have to get :rolleyes:

although i saw something somewhere once :D but can't remember cuz i've been through so much new info these days that my head spins :)

there is a way to disable all restart but can't remember how or wher to find or if i saw it corectly.

So if i use a second batch imediately after the software that would restart, the RunOnce would resume its commandX that is right after ... right? (if it is in regs it would have to i think).

I'll stick to batches cuz i got too much on my head allready have to make all software run silent and presetted if possible.

Many thanx to the existing on site guide to aplications switches.

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not sure if im understanding what your saying, but Wats the sense in having an unattended install if yer not gonna supress the reboots?

anyways for Install Right the link is http://www.epsilonsquared.com/

i found this program 2 be better then "AutoIt" but if u wanna try that 1, just goto http://unattended.msfn.org and search for it under "Applications"

both are freeware

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