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WIN98se, no IE/WMP/WM6.4 but FireFox/MPC!


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Hello, I have a problem.

I received an old P2 266mhz with 96 RAM. Had to put win98se on it, no problem, I did a clean install..

Then I got a great idea, since I read about the Lite program...

So after win98 setup, I first installed office2000 & MSN messenger 6.2 + (cos office & MSN wont install without an IE) and then used win98Lite Pro to remove:

Internet Explorer

Windows Media Player

And a few other things I didn't need.... Outlook Express also removed (Office2000 automatically installs it).

Then I installed DirectX 8.1b (has an old 16mb AGPcard... no need for DirectX9)


- Mozilla Firefox, with Macromedia & Flash... and the extension "things they left out"

- Real Alternative (1.23) (automatically installs Media Player Classic)

- Quicktime Alternative (1.33) (also automatically installs Media Player Classic)

- ffdshow

- Windows media codecs pack, containing codecs: windows media audio & video 7, 8, 9 for Media Player 6.4 (I thought this was necessary to be able to play wma streams in Firefox with MPC)

Now everything runs cool except:

When there is an audio or video stream, I keep getting the white window in Firefox with a lightblue puzzlepiece and: Click here to get the plugin.

If I click, it says to download Quicktime 5 or Windows Media Player..

Quicktime Alternative DID install a plugin in the Mozilla Firefox folder, and I checked the mime settings in Firefox. They were all on default so I put them all on C:\Program files\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe

But I still get the same message, no matter what... also when I change the Stream handler in MPC to Quicktime...

I thought it was perhaps a bug of Firefox in Win98, because I don't have the problem in XP (where I never removed WMP or IE, but have MPC and the Alternatives installed) at least, thats what I think... Because in XP when I open an audio stream in Firefox, and check the media player used... it says Media Player 6.4.... so MPC isn't used either!!?

Also, (both XP and 98) on www.123greetings.com, when I click an animated card... the place were the media player should be playing a MIDI, it also has the white window: "Click here to get the plugin"

So it isn't possible to use an alternative browser, with non microsoft player (MPC) and Quicktime alternative for streams???

Or is this a new bug in Firefox? or MPC? or QT Alt?

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