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Run program at end of copy stage in dos?

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Is is possible to run a program at the end of the copy phase of dos mode? I am using unattneded installs and want to run different cmdlines.bat files in each config. Running them from the same directory would be nice, but they currently run into a race condition so I thought of putting down a file to lock the current config. At the end of the copy phase I want to unlock this so the next user can begin their loadout and be sure they get the config they selected. Ideas?

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I work in a large office. As such, I build ghost images for each section on a regular basis. Each of these sections has an unattended install with multiple configurations. These are started by running a batch script with the desired install. I would like to be able to do two or more runs at a time over the network from a common source and block others from changing the current config while the client downrange is reading it. I basicly want to make a semaphore using a file to avoid a race condition. I thought about copying over the cmdlines.txt portion at the end, but it still leaves me with copying a file after the "default" config gets to the machine. I probably have to copy the files beforehand, make the changes, then start the install, but I want to see if there is another way to do it.

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