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IKEV2 client for Windows XP. Can it be done?

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As we all know the the VPN service providers are phasing out their L2TP servers leaving us XP diehards with OpenVPN whose operation which can be erratic at times.  Are there third party IKEV2 clients that we could adapt for connection to these public VPN proxy servers?  Here is a list of of  VPN clients that we could experiment with:

HA Remote
The Green Bow
Soft Remote by Safenet

The problem is that these VPN clients were intended for enterprise VPN networks and require lots of settings that are not known for the public VPN proxys.  The software provided by the VPN providers may do the job, but the PureVPN client software requires .NET 4.5.

Your thoughts and experiences on this subject would be appreciated.

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AS no-one wants to reply to my topic I might as well give you an update on my experiments so far.  I have tried the following VPN clients that are compatible with XP:

Draytek Smart VPN

Only TheGreenBow 6.64 and higher supports IKEV2 but these versions will not install on XP, although it may be possible to run on XP with some modifications.  I did try installing version 6.64 on a Windows 8.1 machine but I could not connect to PureVPN using the host name, user name, and password supplied by PureVPN, but no joy.



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