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run Windows 95/98xx/Me on newer cpus.


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And yet, starting from which processor can the problem manifest itself in one way or another? The Readme for the patch says "CPUs - AMD ZEN 2+, Intel Tiger Lake+" and these are apparently the versions from which the problem begins to manifest itself too clearly. However, the problem itself was described back in 2015, respectively, the problem was already on the hardware of that time. Does this mean that the problem is also present on 2015 hardware, but to a lesser degree? Accordingly, the patch should be applied there as well?

However, just for testing purposes, I tried to apply the patch on Windows 98 and it didn't seem to work:


Enter path to WINDOWS\SYSTEM, or Windows instalation
0: cancel execution
1: patch files, VMM32.VXD will be extracted, extracted files patched
2: patch files, VMM32.VXD will be patched directly [default]
3: do 1 and 2 simultaneously
4: scan *.CAB archives, extract files and patch them (VMM32 directly)
Choose (0-4): 2
 Status | File path
        | C:\Windows\System\VMM32.VXD
        | C:\Windows\System\VMM32\VMM.VXD
        | C:\Windows\System\VMM32\NTKERN.VXD
        | C:\Windows\System\VMM32\IOS.VXD
        | C:\Windows\System\NDIS.VXD
  N - new patches to apply
  C - file created (extracted)
  E - some already patches
  Status: no patches to apply found
Patching proccess failure
Press enter to exit...


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When I was running 98SE natively on a Pentium G4560 and Ryzen 5 3600, I didn't need this patch, it seems to be only needed for running under a virtualization software like VMware/VirtualBox.

This patch doesn't fix the VCACHE error on the newest CPUs/UEFI versions like on my i3-12100F.

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