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Windows XPx64 and NTVDMx64.


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A long story short, I run a lot of dos applications and software.

I've compiled and installed the free https://github.com/leecher1337/ntvdmx64 on windows XPx64 successfully.

I have tried to run some com port programs that require 16bit mode with a fossil driver.


I have not been able to successfully get it working. This is for old stuff like DigiBoard's, that allow you to connect 8 modem lines to your desktop PC.

I have been on contact with the authors but haven't yet to find a solution. The main reason being the software that I am testing is now free and it makes it much more difficult to trouble shoot.

If anyone has any experience in this field and can provide insight on how someone can troubleshoot, debug, it will be greatly appreciated. 

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