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Intervideo product`s

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I have one prob, and thats how to include reg info in the setup.iss ?

I install with setup.exe -R, all fine but I have to fill in all the reg infos every time :rolleyes:

Some time ago somebody gave up a statemant that he doesnt have to do that and

that he has all in hes setup.iss, and I ask my self how is that posiblleß

Because the *.iss file is allready finished at the moment the install is finished, and the reg process starst at firststart of programm - so ???

Or am i missing something

help plz


how to copy unattended my channel list "WinDVR3.chan" to :

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\InterVideo\WinDVR3


Djus :)

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I have no issues with installshield, all switches are working perfectly.

I can install silent but I have to fill in the reg infos each time.

(I install WinXP with all my apps on a DVD Unattended)

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then do a regshot before u fill in that info and after it. After exporting all the neccesary changes in the registry u can reimport them after silent installation.

This should work if u have to fill in those values at first start off the app. Otherwise u need do a silent install on a live XP where it was never installed before.

hope this helps a bit


Killer Bee

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