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Tutorial: How to bypass the Windows NT 4 4GB limit

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Note: VMware Workstation 16 used.

Most people say that Windows NT 4 has a limit of 4GB and it is impossible to exceed that limit, However this can be exceeded.

You will need:

Windows NT 4 (For obvious reasons)

Service Pack 6 (High Encryption required for server)

A Partitioning/Hard disk utility (Such as Gparted)

1 (If you are doing a clean install)

1. Start installing Windows NT 4. Once at the partitioning screen create a partition. (4095 MB is the maximum you are allowed to create for now)

1b. Format the partition as NTFS. FAT does not work.

2. Finish installing NT 4.

2b. Don't worry if you see a conversion screen, It's normal.

3. Once installed, Install Service Pack 6. (Again, Make sure it's high encryption (128) if your using NT 4 Server)

3b. If you do not install Service Pack 6, NT will fail to boot after partitioning.

4. After installation, Install or boot a partition/hard disk utility (Note: Not all of them may work) (You can even use a Windows Vista and above CD\DVD\ISO)

5. Once in, change the partition size to however you like! (I used 20GB)

5b. If you use a Windows Vista and above CD\DVD\ISO, Use the extend option (Which is at the choose partition screen) to change the size.

5c. If you get error code 0xE0000100, you should consider changing to IDE, or load your SCSI Drivers. (Which for VMware, is in the VMware Tools CD)

5d. If you change to IDE, It should be ok to switch back after

6. After all of that, It should all be done!

If you already have installed NT 4, all you have to do is make sure you have converted your partition to NTFS.

Some FAT/FAT32 recovery/antivirus software may also not work, However this is kind of obvious.

Tell me any question below and I will try to respond.






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