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updated AAC file for tcpmp mod .72RC1 Mod 6 to correct screen glitch bug?


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I was wondering if anyone knows if there's a way of fixing the screen glitch / artifact problem found in the tcpmp mod .72RC1 mod 6 player, which is shown when using the player on either windows 95 and 98SE. i believe it may have to do with a buggy or outdated mp4 container / aac related codec, and that using a different or newer version may fix the issue. does anyone know if this is possible with this version of tcpmp mod, and if so, is there a particular file i can download and place it in the program folder, such as replacing the aac.plg file to a updated one? 

also, there has been mentions of k-lite codec package, however, i don't think i was able to find a straightforward source on how to install this and which one if necessary should be used specifically in this case, and supports windows 95. i'd rather not have conflicting sources of methods to get the system working in the way i want it to. oddly enough, this version of tcpmp mod appeared to have better and clearer video quality than vlc 1.1.11 that i use by default on 98SE with kernelex 4.5.2, except, because of the glitch problem in tcpmp, i end up defaulting to vlc 1.1.11 on 98SE, despite it being much heavier on resources. with win95, there are no vlc alternatives, as 0.8.6.d has not been able to play any modern videos at all for quite some time, showing a blank / grey or black screen. 

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I'd be interested in the sources for the mod, and maybe which tools are used to compile it. I've also noticed that it cannot play an mkv that has ogg as the audio stream.

Sherpya has built many Mplayer binaries for Windows. From the "old" folder on Sourceforge, one of the last builds (maybe the last) from 2010 seems to work pretty well with Win98. I would recommend reviewing the mplayer config file and associating mplayer.exe with the desired file types. It also works with the Hxdos extender on dos. But the forked version (hxdos), with support for ac97 and hda, is probably required; for most people. It does not work on Win95.


I have also been able to use Mplayer, from the Freedos distro, inside a windows Dos windows. It needs to be a fullscreen Dos window. Depending on your video card support, for vesa access via a Dos windows, graphics may become crippled; when you leave the Dos window fullscreen mode. I have not tested it with Win3x, but it has worked with Win95.


Edit: I suppose you could use newer versions of Sherpya's Mplayer, with Kernelex. And for anyone attempting to use Mplayer for Dos, keep in mind that it "does not" use Window's acceleration and "does" use Window's soundblaster emulation. Not ideal for slower computers. It's really more of a novelty.

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