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Upgrading to Win7 from XP and installing new SSD


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My current system is WinXP, installed on a 64GB boot SSD with a 1TB storage HD on desktop PC, been running about 8 years.

I've bought a Crucial MX500 500GB SSD, and want to install Win7 on it and then transfer and reinstall my apps from the XP system. Hopefully get them all working, under Win7 or work out virtualisation.

-- The motivation is the increasing number of apps I would like to use that won't install on XP. But I have some vital old apps with no updates that may not work on Win7,

I thought I'd partition the SSD to two 250 GB partitions and install win7 on one.

Is there a good way to do this under XP? I have access to a Win7 and also a Linux laptop.

I formatted it under XP disk management as a single NTFS volume.

And what's a good version of Win7 to use? I do DTP, some graphics, no gaming.






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