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Any solutions for running Steam on Win2k?


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I own Half-Life on Steam and I wanna run it on my newly-acquired Windows 2000 computer. I can't use USB devices or DVDs on my machine, but I do have Internet (Wi-Fi and Ethernet) on it. Is there any possible way to get Steam running and logged in on Windows 2000, even if all it can do is download games? I have BWC's kernel extension installed.

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You don't need steam:

For Half-Life v4554 you can be revolutionary and use a steam emulator. I can't be anymore specific on this forum unfortunately.

The following games can be combined into the same folder.

Use these switches:

Counter-Strike (-steam -game cstrike) v4554
Counter-Strike Condition Zero (-steam -game czero) v4554
Day of Defeat (-steam -game dod) v4554
Deathmatch Classic (-steam -game dmc) v4554
Half-Life (-steam -game valve) v4554
Half-Life Blue Shift (-steam -game bshift) v4554
Half-Life Opposing Force (-steam -game gearbox) v4554
Ricochet (-steam -game ricochet) v4554
Team Fortress Classic (-steam -game tfc) v4554

For Half-Life versions >v4554 and if using Windows 2000 then you'll need:

*You can also use probably use another steam emulator that is as good as gold but you'll need to use Blackwingcat as well. 

To be smart and use a steam emulator.

If you want to be smart and also use the gui for the steam emulator then you need to install .NET 2.0 SP2 and BlackWingcat .NET 4.0 RC3 (I don't recommend using the GUI anyway.

Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redist

Blackwingcat Extended kernel

Use these switches

Counter-Strike (-steam -game cstrike) 
Counter-Strike Condition Zero (-steam -game czero) 
Day of Defeat (-steam -game dod) 
Deathmatch Classic (-steam -game dmc) 
Half-Life (-steam -game valve) 
Half-Life Blue Shift (-steam -game bshift)
Half-Life Opposing Force (-steam -game gearbox) 
Ricochet (-steam -game ricochet)
Team Fortress Classic (-steam -game tfc) 

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