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custom directx 9.0c feb 5, 2010 for windows 2000 / questions on kmeleon 76.3, etc


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i was wondering if it's okay to delete a few files / folders in the directx 9.0c feb 5, 2010 redistributable under windows 2000 so i can reduce the package size? i have tested this on windows 2000 and deleted all folders with directx10 or 11 mentioned in the titles before installing and i didn't experience any errors upon / after installing, but i just was wondering if this is ok? for example, is it ok i deleted the folder "APR2007_d3dx10_33_x86"? i do need to point out though that the system runs a bit slow and cpu usage for a pentium 4 1.6 Ghz dothan jumps up to 100 percent from launching just a web browser or doing basic new tabs, etc. something i haven't encountered before. youtube worked, but it was extremely slow, and barely was able to play up to 360p without cutting out here and  there, syncing out of the screen / audio cutting out here and there. perhaps the newer version of kmeleon 76.3 web browser may be to blame as that's what i used? reason being is that i also tested this version on windows 7 and despite using a i5-4200m, the web browser still had some microstutter / lag to it. i hope this slowness or improper functioning doesn't have to do with the directx package being tampered with on windows 2000 at least? also, i noticed that i couldn't even watch 480 / 720p downloaded videos on vlc player 0.8.6d on windows 2000. it just gives a blurry / grey background and doesn't wan't to process the video properly. though youtube did at least get into 480p, but was basically non playing due to exceeding cpu capacity / or other factors. i know it's not the ram or gpu as there is 1.5 GB of ram on the 2K system and 64 MB of video memory which is adequate. i actually had slightly better performance with the same model system a little while back and it had a slightly slower cpu and only 32 MB gpu. i'm hoping it's not related to the directx tinkering i did, but rather the kmeleon 76.3 web browser. the system was updating files very fast beforehand too. 

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