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Issue with using a compiled ac97 audio driver from the sample code


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I am getting no sound when using a compiled ac97 audio driver from WDK 8.1's sample code in a Windows 7 (x86)/Windows Server 2003 (x86) VM ran using VirtualBox 6.0.20. I have noticed that there is a CIV is out of range error being mentioned in the debug output shown in WinDbg. I chatted with a developer who told me that its possibly an issue with its MAX_BDL_ENTRIES code. I am attaching the debug output that I get when changing DBG_DEFAULLT to DBG_ALL in the proper line of code found in its debug.h file. I am also attaching a driver so people can replicate the issue that I mentioned.



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"if you want to focus efforts with your partner, first fix it on windows. according my findings, the problem is between the circular buffer in stream.cpp, and the chip interface in adapter.cpp" is what one guy in a chat room told me. Also, I am attaching the latest modified source code that I want the fix applied to.


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