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Windows XP White Start Button Mod

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This mod takes the start button from the early Longhorn builds and puts it into Windows XP's explorer. The start button shown below is the only modification to explorer.
Installation Instructions:
1. extract the archive containing replacer.cmd and the modded explorer
2. Locate the original explorer.exe in x:\Windows
3. Open replacer.cmd, drag said original explorer.exe into replacer.cmd, press enter
4. Drag the new explorer.exe file from the archive in (_XPmodded for x86 and XP_x64_modded for x64), press enter
5. Reboot and enjoy

Installing service packs (including uSP4) will probably undo this, take this into consideration when installing.

Most go to DeviantArt user Rafax64, I used the bitmap from his modded explorer. This is also where replacer.exe came from.

Rafax64 modded explorer: https://www.deviantart.com/rafax64/art/Longhorn-Explorer-Mod-for-XP-132097072

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I0mLHemUrzbPZO01QxIm8oGvz4QAXiG0/view?usp=sharing

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