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9x Drivers patched/avilable for Older Apple Hardware?


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As far as i know, the oldest OS officially supported by Apple's Bootcamp is Windows XP, i've Tried 98 even via a Live CD that's patched together. big problem is that halts it right away are USB Drivers(no USB, = No Keyboard and mouse) if anyones managed to hackily patch something together, can these be linked?  the older Mac Mini's that still had a Disc Drive would be pretty nifty for a 98 PC and to save desk Space (i have a Mid 2010 model ((hardware Identified as "Macmini4,1")) that has the Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz / Nvidia 320M iGPU, wouldnt mind getting it to work if it were at all possible as these things take so little space.

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