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Hi, look I have no idea what I'm doin wrong, I'm been following a tutorial

Tutorial link

I don't understand how she makes a button within a movie

I've also got the one she's done and I've tried to make a square on my own for the drag and drop and don't know why it's not working. Please help me, I've got coursework to hand in on this kinda thing, I've spent 5 hours on it and I'm just thick

Bec's work

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on (press) {
       startDrag (this, true, 30, 80, 140, 110);

startDrag with this property is use to move in area !

30, 80
dot in top left
140, 110

dot in bottom right

startDrag (this, true);

if there is only 2 parameters !

the button move in all root scene or in the movie clip

if you have already this problem you can send me your .fla

PS : sorry for my pour english i'm french !!

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