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older versions of hwmonitor on windows 95 / NT4

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since i felt like it wasn't necessary to create two seperate topics for this, i thought that it would be ok to talk about it in one thread. i wanted to know if it there are any older versions of hwmonitor that work and can be made to work on windows 95 / NT4. the oldest version i found via download was which was released in 2007, i could not locate the more "stable" for download. from what i researched, there were even older versions somewhere in 2006, however, i could not find a link / filename to download as such, wayback machine didn't work for older hwmonitor versions from the official site as i checked that.  

my reason for wanting to use hwmonitor is because i like the user interface more than speedfan which is one of the closest things to it and it may function better or worse, depending on what's needed. i would be using it as either an alternative or additional level of usage. since i am noob with some stuff, i was hoping someone could chime in and do a small favor if possible, and that is to use dependency walker to let me know if it can be supported or not in 95 or NT4 and / or what would be needed / what's missing so that i can download whatever files are needed if applicable. 

i did try using dependency walker 2.2 x86 myself and apparently hwmonitor uses a msvcrt.dll file of 7.1 origin, where could i get this file or similar if there is any? also, something possibly relevant is visual c++ 2005 express or pro, from what i researched, some sources mentioned it being compatible with windows 95, although compatibility for NT4 from one thread was uncertain or unclear, but for the 95 one, the person mentioned 95 as being supported. there was a downloadable iso, but i don't want to download such a big program if all i would need is a couple of runtime files or dll's. 

i was also requesting if anyone can upload a copy of a older hwmonitor version, i uploaded below, i renamed it. 




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ok, so i couldn't get hwmonitor to work on windows 95, it gives the error "the hwmonitor.exe file is linked to missing export kernel32.dll:IsDebuggerPresent.", it seems that this

dependency is only in NT4/98SE and newer, though this helps as i can test it out on NT4 as i haven't yet. it seems that it's related to visual c++ 2005 from google search, although NT4 doesn't "fully or officially / properly" support visual c++ 2005. there was some people who managed to get some applications or visual c++ 2005 to install on windows 95 with some modification, however, the instructions and information for it were a bit limited and beyond my capacity, so i decided to not go further into that route or unofficial fixes. 

i still wanted to see if i can install visual c++ .net 2002 runtimes on windows 95, that is, if such an update exists. wikipedia lists visual c++ .net 2002 released sometime in 2002, i did manage to find a package with just the two msvcp70 and msvcr70.dll files which was listed as being from visual studio 2002, however, i was looking for something official to download, and if there is, the official update probably included other files in it. i also copied these files from my 2K system that i tested earlier, they were dated 1-5-2002. 

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