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best version of gtk radiant for windows 95

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hi, i was wondering if anyone has had experience with using gtk radiant, i have googled a bit on it but it's a bit complicated for me to figure out what i need to do. basically what i have in mind is to make some maps using a supported game such as return to castle wolfenstein.

the operating system i want to use is windows 95. i have been hearing from the forums that gtk radiant 1.2.11 / 1.2.13 are more "stable" than gtk radiant 1.4 or 1.5, i have not tried to install 1.4 or 1.5 on windows 95, i tried "GtkRadiantSetup-1.3.13-raven" and it installed and was able to run without any errors, although i didn't actually test it as i had no game to test, i just launched the program. 

i also got gtk radiant 1.2.11 to work in the past, and up to update 1.2.13 works, but no actual map editing or testing, only installation of the program itself. for me, my biggest concern if this makes sense is whether or not what i can do within the map editor itself will be supported fully in windows 95, i am fairly novice to any of the things in map creation, definitions of things like vertex / pixel stuff, etc, although i do have a general idea of what they would mean or translate into. i have used warcraft 3's world editor and like it a lot, even though my expertise on it is very basic, i would have installed it and used it again, however, the game has gone through many changes, combined with windows 10 and my specific system changes, i do not think i can run it properly, even if i do try to reinstall it. 

being that windows 95 only supports up to directx 8.0a officially, i was wondering how well i can construct maps using the features offered in gtk radiant, for example, gtk radiant 1.3.13 runs and supports wolfenstein: enemy territory but windows 95 does not support that game as it is a directx 8.1 game, i was gonna use RTCW possibly. 

i want to know what are the factors that would affect how well i can make maps look, and / or stability of the game level editor itself, also, as a somewhat off topic or broad issue, i was wondering if anyone has installed or experimented with directx 8.0b as it is supposed to be supported on windows 95, i wanted to know if installing it would allow increased functionality, such as better vertex / pixel shader operation, etc. 

i made a thread on this a while ago, however, there wasn't really a definite answer to confirm 100 percent on how to install directx 8.0b, other than simply copying over one of the files, there is also the 8.0a SDK package and it's complicated for me to know what to do with that.  


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hmm..., gtk radiant 1.2.11 wouldn't even launch actually on windows 95, so i lied about it working earlier. maybe it's just this specific system i am using, it gave an illegal operation error, also the 1.2.13 update almost seems like a full version and not really just a update, when i installed it, it had a separate program directory. 1.1.1 only seems to support quake 3, i didn't bother installing it. the change from 1.2.11 to 1.2.13 made no difference, launching 1.2.13 separately still had the illegal operation error. 

interestingly, "GtkRadiantSetup-1.3.13-raven" installed and launched up with no errors, also "GtkRadiantSetup-1.4.0-raven" installed with no errors and launched up. i haven't tested 1.5 or newer, however, i suspect it may be a problem the newer i go, even if they install and launch. i suppose using a newer gtk radiant would be better if it can have better support for things, so as long they are stable and windows 95 can support / handle these features.


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