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FIX: windows 10 bluetooth sound quality mono 8khz


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Hey Folks, i got crazy last days, cause there was absolut no way, to connect my Bluetooth headphones in a Quality Stereo mode, on my Laptop... - doesnt matter which driver i chosed, it just didn´t work as expected… - i searched Google, and there are allready some tips out there, but they didn´t help… - cause i couldn´t choose the Stereo mode in Sound Options, and so on... 8000 Hz with mono only...

Here you can see the problem:



DISABLE: Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service (BTAGService), than restart ;)

Info: If you need the mic, than this is no solution… - but i am glad, that i found a fix after spending 2 days installing drivers, etc...

Maybe: you need to remove, and pair the bt device after Restart...

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I have this EXACT same problem and nothing thus far has worked...the headset worked fine before windows update but now i only get the stupid 8000hz hands-free mode to connect. I literally tried most things except a rollback...which i can't do now! smfh.

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Sorry for the late response - for me (my solution) is still working... - you can try:

- removing all the BT Devices in ControlPanel (remember to activate to show not connected devices...) then restart

- you can try using another driver Version (maybe the one from the manufactor, maybe from DP-Packs with using Snappy-driver-installer)

Don´t have another idea, to fix it, sorry...

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