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keyboard issue with unattended Windows 2000 install

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I have been trying to install Windows 2000 onto a Lenovo M90p model 3245.  The problem is, Windows 2000 installer doesn't seem to recognize or work with the USB controller, so I can't use the keyboard at all during the installation.  Its not a hardware problem - the keyboard works fine in BIOS and in other operating systems newer than Win2k.  It also does not have a PS/2 port so that option is out.

as a work around I was trying to setup an unattended installation disk that would at least install the OS without any keyboard input at all.  It probably won't help me since even after it installs I imagine the keyboard won't work still but hey I like a challenge

anyway with my unattended setup, it still bombs out during installation:



The following value in the .SIF file used by Setup is corrupted or missing:

Value 1 on line 0 in section [Keyboard]

Setup cannot continue.  To quit Setup, press F3.


well I don't have a [Keyboard] section in winnt.sif, and I can't find any documentation on what is supposed to be in the [Keyboard] section.   I'm guessing setup detects no keyboard and just shits itself even though its configured for an unattended install.

how does an enterprise customer with, say, thousands of rack mounted servers install unattended?  you know they aren't going to each one and plugging a d*** keyboard in =P

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