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install refused hotfixes ?


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yeh confusing title...

so for us people who customized our OS, and naturally reduced size of SxS folder
some hotfixes, in my current state - the fix for this wannacrypt crap KB4012212
refuses to install coz sxs store is corrupted...

so my question is, how to forcefully install or dump these files correctly
as i see within archive some are manifest files but many are blank

any solution to this ?
(and no sfc /scannow doesn't help)

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i managed to dump all proper files by cheating :D
but i don't get one thing

in this case i was installing the KB for this WannaCrypt crapware
but hotfix extracts 90% unnecessary things, for what ?

just check this out:


then there is DVD maker
Net meeting installer

these are just few...

what kind of BULL s*** fix is this for SMB ???? ...


scratch that, for 1st time in history MS did list of what is hotfix patching

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