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Does anyone know where one might be able to download an ISO file for Windows 8 Pro x64? I am not searching for Windows 8.1, which I know is readily attainable from Microsoft, but for the original release of Windows 8. I have a genuine retail product key for the Pro edition, but no ISO file to burn to DVD or write to USB flash drive from which I can install Windows 8.


Microsoft used to offer a Setup utility to download an ISO file or write the operating system to a USB flash drive, but the company pulled the link presumably after it terminated support for Windows 8. The Wayback Machine archived the utility and, while it runs, it is not functional, as it apparently cannot connect to the Internet to download the necessary files.

Please note that I am not looking for an ISO of the 90-day evaluation of the Enterprise edition.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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3 hours ago, KELCYRA said:

key must be working even on 8.1

It does indeed.

3 hours ago, KELCYRA said:

check PM

I downloaded the file via one of the links that you provided and it appears to be an untouched retail x64 version of Windows 8 Pro edition. The file has passed a scan for malware, and the SHA1 hash is the same as those listed by MSDN.

I saw @JodyT's Server 2012 Updates topic and I wanted to use Windows 8 on capable hardware that I purchased recently. I have not been disappointed by its performance before, but I want to see how well it operates. I missed aspects of its interface as well such as the full-screen "All Apps" that my current installation of the Windows 10 Creators Update does not provide in a useful manner. I could just opt for Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1 but, again, I would like to observe the performance of Windows 8.


You have my gratitude.

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