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Issues with MSI 970A SLI Krait - Help needed...

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i've installed W98SE on an MSI 970A SLI Krait, and also installed XP pro 32bit, and W10 home 64bit.




AMD FX 4320 (4 cores, 95W TDP, 4GHz base, 4.2 HGz Turbo)

Soundblaster Audigy PCI

TP-Link RTL8111B Gigabit PCIe 1x

1 GB Ram (all works fine with 32GB, might have 16GB in the end)

3 SSDs (60GB SATA III FAT32 for W98SE, 120GB SATA III NTFS for XP, 240GB SATA III NTFS for W10 home 64bit)


2 x EVGA NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB PCIe, linked with SLI bridge

USB2 works on all OS (compatibility set to "Auto", USB3 on XP and W10)

Temporarily a SATA I-controller to have a DVD on W98SE, but will most probably switch to RLoews SATA-patch, IF i keep this machine...


The minor issues


The OS and hardware installed, there were only minor issues:

- i had to switch to Ushers method early on during the installation of W98SE even with just 1 GB of Ram

- on this board, although the chipset allows for it, MSI did not implement separate ATA/AHCI-settings for the SATA-channels 5 and 6, so i installed W98SE on the controller in IDE/ATA-mode, and when installing XP and W10, switched to AHCI-mode. This of course set the controller in W98SE to compatibility-mode, which voids the use of other SATA-Devices (like the DVD-RAM). I used an add-in SATA-I controller for $things from DVD, but removed it later. I guess this means getting RLoews SATA-patch later on, if i want to have normal operations with the onboard-controller set to AHCI. This is a minor issue on W98SE, though, as with the SSD, the system is still fast.

- The board has bad quality-control by MSI, so many people had to swap boards with their seller, until they had a working one in the end, and so was me: Only on the third attempt i had a working one.




No, there is no SLI on W98SE (yet). I'm pretty sure this will not change, as i learned about SLI from i.e. the "Hybrid-SLI"-mod-community, and i know, the issue is complicated.

Still, i wanted to use SLI at least on XP and W10.

My question, now (already posted on the german MSI-forum, and NVidias SLI-support-community-forum):

Why does the SLI-option not show up in my NVidia-System panel (in XP or W10) ?!?

I know this is not directly related to W9x... if you can point me to a place where this is to be located... move this thread, and tell me... :)

I know that RLoew has this board as well: Did you try SLI? Do you have any idea?

Cheers, Ragnar G.D.

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