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I moved some folders from the System partition to the DATA one, but ...


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I moved these User folders: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music and Videos from the C:\Users\Myname to D:\Myname\Desktop ... and so on, but after that, I can still see the Pictures, Music and Videos folders in the C:\Users\Myname folder, but with this exception: the Path button (visible in the short box that appears when you click on Properties) is here missing (but visible in the same folder present in the Data partition).

Could let me know the reason of that? Thanks a lot

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I just wanted to make clear that my Windows 7 is the italian version, so, in my explanation I tried to translate its terms from italian into english. Maybe the term I translated as "Path" is, instead "Location". In addition, the folders: Pictures, Music and Videos that I successfully moved to the Data partition, but, in spite of that, continue to be seen even in the System partition (C:\Users\ ...) are certainly links (generated by the system itself? Any relationship with Windows Media Player 12?) and are written in english, while the ones I moved have the Location button and are written in italian: Immagini, Musica, Video.

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