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Suggestion: Remove pending apps from 10586 wim


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There are 5 uninstalled apps (Twitter, Minecraft, Flipboard, Wunderlist and Candy Crush Saga) in build 10586 that starts installing when internet is connected. They can not be uninstalled until they have finished installing.
Removing Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager in NTLite results in an install without the pending apps, but I don't know if this causes any issues.

It would be great if it was possible to remove these pending apps in NTLite.
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Maybe this can be of help, 10586 Enterprise N lacks these pending apps, the regular Enterprise got them.




"We're using the Enterprise N version because it doesn't contain the Twitter, CandyCrush Metro Apps like the regular version has which you cannot remove with MSMG since it downloads it after the OS has been installed."


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I've compared Enterprise and Enterprise N, all files I've checked are identical on both except for settings.dat and settings.dat.LOG1, located in


Both files are 32 kB in Enterprise (and Pro), and 8 kB in Enterprise N.

Edit: They're just shortcuts to the Store now. IIRC, before the official launch of 1511 it actually installed the apps when connected to internet, but not anymore.

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