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Integrating msjavwu.exe with a SP1 CD


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Greetings. I'm new to using your program, and this forum. Let me try this.

I looked through the forum first, and found someone trying to do the same thing that I am, except he was using SP1a, and didn't have any pre-existing version of the program on his cd. I however am using a cd as my base with regular sp1 on it.

Does that mean that I can drop msjavwu.exe into one of the SVC- folders, and it will work? I tried a run with it in the SVC-HF2 folder, and it didn't work, because it didn't take enough switches.



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I run it from XPCREATE\FILESCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\JavaVM

& from my .cmd

ECHO Updating Microsoft JavaVM to 3810

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\JavaVM\MSJavx86_3810update.exe /Q:A /R:N

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Don't know if this was discussed elsewhere, but...

I found this web site while chasing threads on this very topic (except I'm working with W2K sp4).


He came up with a trick method of installing MSVM on W2K or XP with any service pack version. Although he doesn't really detail it, if you're using IExpress to make a custom MS JAVA installer (after extracting/integrating the 2 packages as described), just add the switches he suggests where you select the executable "javatrig.exe". For full unattended installation without reboot, the string should look like this: "javatrig.exe /l /exe_install /nowincheck /q".

I launch the package from RunOnceEx without additional switches... works cherry! It works fine as a standalone installer, too.


PS> This is my first time posting on this forum. I tip my (virtual) hat to the crew of MSFN and all it's contributors. Excellent work!!!

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