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Theme Resource Changer x64 not working


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As many of you know, Theme Resource Changer is a utility that allows to change Windows Explorer icons (e.g. Navigation buttons),

without replacing .dll files. Now it seems that sometimes this program fails to work (I still have default icons even after patched Windows with all apps I can find:

Universal Theme Patcher, UltraUXThemePatcher, UxStyle_Core_Jul13_x64).

Did anyone find a solution?

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few possible problems


1. 64bit OS requires digital certificate on changed system file

2. system file protection simply reverses your changes on .dll

3. you only changed resources on 1 (main) file, and not on backup too which is located somewhere in winsxs folder (use Ultra Search from JAM software to find it, its free and no spyware)

4. you don't have granted FULL permitions to change the file ?


usually its best to do these things manual on COPY of file

for example if you are editing explorer.exe or ieframe.dll

copy those files to another folder, make changes


1. either boot to PE and replace them (including backup files)

2. change your things before OS install directly inserting into .WIM

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It didn't work because I changed this value in registry:




Don't set to 1 (leave default).

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