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Reinstall with OEM Out of Box feel

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Hi. I have a total of 12 programs that I need to have installed onto a pc but I want it to be installed during the install or when the pc says installing your apps. It is all oem software I downloaded from the site but cant seam to get it to work how I need it. Basically if the user goes through the normal setup process the software must be installed so that they dont have to install it themselves or need to wait for it to install then reboot. Please help me here  

Maybe I should explain what I am trying to do. My friend brought me his laptop with it completely wiped. Now I am trying to restore it back to the OEM standered. I need to reinstall windows and add all the drivers and program after install but when I give it back to him he must be able to input his own username and select settings and accept eula. Basically like it come from the factory. I read something on microsofts site about reseal and auditmode to allow OEMS to do just this but I cant get any info on it for dummies like me. Please help 

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Thank you netbookdelgob for your reply.

I have succeded in getting it right. All I did is the following.

Install windows as normal. Let it do is reboots.

At the OOBE screen like in the image below I pressed CTRL + SHIFT + F3


After Pressing the keys it reboots into auditmode allowing you to install all programs and drivers.

Once it logs onto the hidden admin account in the center of the screen will be a window labled system preparation tool


Do not close the box or click anything just yet. Install your programs and drivers then once done select as shown


Click OK and you are done

It will now shutdown the PC leaving it as it would be once it is baught

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Just to add a point for anyone trying the above method. It is absolutely required that you do not try to update or install apps through the Windows Store before resealing. See KB2769827 at Microsoft Support.


I’d also recommend giving the Surface Pro 3 Deployment and Administration Guide a read, it provides a comprehensive review of the recommended deployment process and techniques.


Windows Outreach Team- IT Pro
Windows for IT Pros on TechNet

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