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a post-2007 time line on the dotNETs


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There's nice work being done on tracking the post-EOS, POSReady patches for XPsp3. I don't use MS update or "agent" whatever it is, so I just take the MS frog walk through Bill's patchwork paradise. In any case, for noobs like me, the problem comes up, how to get from a hologram CD to the POSReady, regarding the .NETs. So, here's the fruits of my frogwalk through the security bulletins -- starting Jan 2007 through May 2014. XPsp3 came out sometime early 2008. The latest .NET service packs about the same time. The earliest bulletin I found which includes XP SP3 was MS07-040.


For the NDPs, I didn't find a bulletin which announced that the following post XPsp3, pre-EOS patches (2008 to 2014) were superceded. In other words, if you're starting with a hologram CD, they are probably still hot.

MS12-035    NDP1.1sp1-KB2656353-X86.exeMS13-052    NDP1.1sp1-KB2833941-X86.exeMS10-041    NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-X86.exeMS11-044    NDP20SP2-KB2518864-x86.exeMS12-035    NDP20SP2-KB2604092-x86.exeMS13-004    NDP20SP2-KB2742596-x86.exeMS13-015    NDP20SP2-KB2789643-x86.exeMS13-052    NDP20SP2-KB2844285-v2-x86.exeMS13-082    NDP20SP2-KB2863239-x86.exeMS14-009    NDP20SP2-KB2898856-x86.exeMS14-009    NDP20SP2-KB2901111-x86.exeMS12-035    NDP30SP2-KB2604110-x86.exeMS13-004    NDP30SP2-KB2756918-x86.exeMS13-052    NDP30SP2-KB2832411-x86.exeMS13-082    NDP30SP2-KB2861189-x86.exeSA973811    NDP30SP2-KB982168-x86.exeMS13-007    NDP35SP1-KB2736416-x86.exeMS13-052    NDP35SP1-KB2840629-x86.exeMS13-082    NDP35SP1-KB2861697-x86.exeMS11-066    NDP40-KB2487367-x86.exeMS12-035    NDP40-KB2604121-x86.exeMS13-007    NDP40-KB2736428-x86.exeMS13-004    NDP40-KB2742595-x86.exeMS13-015    NDP40-KB2789642-x86.exeMS13-052    NDP40-KB2840628-v2-x86.exeMS13-082    NDP40-KB2858302-v2-x86.exeMS13-082    NDP40-KB2861188-x86.exeMS14-009    NDP40-KB2898855-v2-x86.exeMS14-009    NDP40-KB2901110-v2-x86.exe

The following NDP patches were superceded as noted in the frogwalk. Several were superceded several times ... I guess MS just wants to be sure?

NDP1.1sp1-KB2416447-X86.exe (MS10-070) superceded by MS11-078 KB2572067NDP1.1sp1-KB2572067-X86.exe (MS11-078) superceded by KB2572067 in MS11-078, by KB2656353 in MS11-100, by KB2656353 in MS12-035NDP1.1sp1-KB2656353-X86.exe (MS11-100) superceded by KB2656353 in MS11-100, by KB2698023 in MS12-074NDP1.1sp1-KB2656370-X86.exe (MS12-025) superceded by KB2656370 in MS12-025, by KB2742597 in MS13-004NDP1.1sp1-KB2698023-X86.exe (MS12-074) superceded by KB2698023 in MS12-074, by KB2742597 in MS13-004, by MS13-052NDP1.1sp1-KB2742597-X86.exe (MS13-004) superceded by KB2742597 in MS13-004, by MS13-052NDP1.1sp1-KB953297-X86.exe (MS09-061) superceded by MS10-041NDP20SP2-KB2418241-x86.exe (MS10-070) superceded by KB2418241 in MS10-070, by KB2656352 in MS11-100NDP20SP2-KB2446704-v2-x86.exe (MS11-028) superceded by MS11-044NDP20SP2-KB2478658-x86.exe (MS11-039) superceded by MS11-069NDP20SP2-KB2518864-x86.exe (MS11-044) superceded by KB2518864 in MS11-044, by KB2604092 in MS12-035NDP20SP2-KB2539631-x86.exe (MS11-069) superceded by KB2539631 in MS11-069, by KB2633880NDP20SP2-KB2572073-x86.exe (MS11-078) superceded by KB2572073 in MS11-078, by KB2604092 in MS12-035, by MS13-052NDP20SP2-KB2633880-x86.exe (MS12-016) superceded by KB2633880 in MS12-016, by KB2604092 in MS12-035, by KB2742596 in MS13-004NDP20SP2-KB2656352-x86.exe (MS11-100) superceded by KB2656352 in MS11-100, by MS14-009NDP20SP2-KB2656369-v2-x86.exe (MS12-025) superceded by KB2656369 in MS12-025, by KB2742596 in MS13-004NDP20SP2-KB2686828-x86.exe (MS12-038) superceded by KB2686828 in MS12-038, by KB2742596 in MS13-004, by KB2789643 in MS13-015NDP20SP2-KB2804577-x86.exe (MS13-040) superceded by KB2804577 in MS13-040, by MS13-082NDP20SP2-KB2833940-x86.exe (MS13-052) superceded by KB2833940 in MS13-052, by MS14-009NDP20SP2-KB974417-x86.exe (MS09-061) superceded by MS10-060NDP20SP2-KB979909-x86.exe (MS10-041) superceded by MS10-070, by KB979909 in MS10-041, by KB2742596 in MS13-004, by MS13-040NDP20SP2-KB982167-x86.exe (SA973811) superceded by KB982167 in Security Advisory 973811, by KB2656352 in MS11-100NDP20SP2-KB983583-x86.exe (MS10-060) superceded by MS11-028, by MS11-044, by KB983583 in MS10-060, by KB2572073 in MS11-078, by MS13-052NDP30SP2-KB2656407-x86.exe (MS12-034) superceded by KB2656407 in MS12-034, by MS13-052NDP35SP1-KB2416473-x86.exe (MS10-070) superceded by KB2416473 in MS10-070, by KB2657424 in MS11-100NDP35SP1-KB2604111-x86.exe (MS12-035) superceded by KB2604110 in MS12-035 by MS13-052NDP35SP1-KB2657424-x86.exe (MS11-100) superceded by KB2657424 in MS11-100, by MS13-082NDP40-KB2416472-x86.exe (MS10-070) superceded by KB2416472 in MS10-070, by KB2656351 in MS11-100NDP40-KB2446708-x86.exe (MS11-028) superceded by MS11-044NDP40-KB2478663-x86.exe (MS11-039) superceded by MS11-069NDP40-KB2518870-x86.exe (MS11-044) superceded by KB2518870 in MS11-044, by KB2604121 in MS12-035NDP40-KB2539636-x86.exe (MS11-069) superceded by KB2539636 in MS11-069, by KB2633870NDP40-KB2572078-x86.exe (MS11-078) superceded by KB2572078 in MS11-078, by KB2604121 in MS12-035, by MS13-052NDP40-KB2633870-x86.exe (MS12-016) superceded by KB2633870 in MS12-016, by KB2604121 in MS12-035, by KB2742595 in MS13-004NDP40-KB2656351-x86.exe (MS11-100) superceded by KB2656351 in MS11-100, by MS13-082, by MS14-009NDP40-KB2656368-v2-x86.exe (MS12-025) superceded by KB2656368 in MS12-025, by KB2742595 in MS13-004NDP40-KB2656405-x86.exe (MS12-034) superceded by KB2656405 in MS12-034, by MS13-052NDP40-KB2686827-x86.exe (MS12-038) superceded by KB2686827 in MS12-038, by KB2742595 in MS13-004, by KB2789642 in MS13-015NDP40-KB2804576-x86.exe (MS13-040) superceded by KB2804576 in MS13-040, by MS13-082NDP40-KB2832407-x86.exe (MS13-052) superceded by KB2832407 in MS13-052, by MS13-082NDP40-KB2835393-x86.exe (MS13-052) superceded by KB2835393 in MS13-052, by MS14-009


forgot to mention -- the standalone installer for .NETv3.5sp1 includes a /norollback switch. The net result is probably close to sourcee integration. The patches for NPD updates use the similar /nobackup switch. I haven't tested but, if installed with these switches the uninstall option for the .NET installers and patches shouldn't appear under add/remove programs.====


Here are some links, one hard to find (for me anyway), to standalone installation packages for .NETs


The standalone distribution package for .NET 1.1sp1 is available here

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26and here
The publish date was 8/17/12, so I assume MS included patches up to that vicinity of time (-- could be a bad assumption!). MS is very quiet about standalone installers. Just a personal preference, but I don't like internet installers.


The standalone installer for .NET 2.0sp2 is available here. It's needed if you know you won't need the 3.5 family, which is 2.0sp2, 3.0sp2, and 3.5sp1.

quote "The .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 provides cumulative roll-up updates for customer reported issues found after the release of the .NET Framework 2.0. In addition, this release provides performance improvements, and prerequisite feature support for the .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1." NetFx20SP2_x86.exe 23.8 MB released 01/16/09

The standalone installer for the entire 3.5sp1 family (2.0sp2+3.0sp2+3.5sp1) is available from MS at


Google doesn't seem to like the above file very much. MS and Google flip all my searches over to the internet installer.

It's a 242meg download, but when the x64 stuff is tossed out, the standalone .net 3.5sp1 family is down to 86meg.

There's a pretty good article on depoying/installing the creature here.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Deployment Guide for Application Developers


The patches for the Service Pack updates for .NET 3.5 sp1 x86 are patches only. They are available here

They total about 17meg. More importantly, the internal files have dates similar to the above standalone, so I assume the above full standalone was compiled about the same time as the patchs, which were published in Dec, 2008. I couldn't find any MS cover pages for the download, or what KBs were included, like MS used to do, back when.


The standalone installer for .NET 4.0 is available here.


MS did some kind of compression magic. For x86+x64 combined, it's 50.4meg (little m). When expanded, and then when 13.2meg of x64 stuff is removed, and when it's recompressed with 7zip at maximum compression, the resulting archive is larger (52.4m) than the original! With 13m of x64 removed from 249m expanded, even 7zip-maximum can't compress it back to what MS did with it's installer. I was surprised.

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MS is not very consistent or helpful in noting supercedence on these. Here's what compares to my own rather incomplete notes. I do need to eventually get those more up to date so there probably are more replacements beyond these.


The first entry KB2656353 listed as "MS12-035" is actually MS11-100 as correctly noted in the second list, it is obsolete but ended up in both lists.


I'm not clear that MS10-041 KB979906 is required anymore once XP SP3 is installed. I've never had Windows Update offer this unless SP3 is missing. This could also be down to my habit of also installing  KB979904 at that point.


MS11-044 KB2518864 is replaced by MS12-035 KB2604092, it also ended up in both lists.


MS14-009 KB2898856 is replaced by MS14-053 KB2972214.

MS13-004 KB2756918 is replaced by MS14-053 KB2973115.

MS14-009 KB2898855 is replaced by MS14-053 KB2972215.

MS14-009 KB2901110 is replaced by SA2905247 KB2894842.


Missing items:

I have KB976576 and KB977354 as a combined substitute for KB982524.


SA2905247 KB2894845 .NET 1.1 SP1 update


MS12-074 KB2729450 .NET 2.0 SP2 update

KB2789643 v2 .NET 2.0 SP2 update

KB958481 .NET Framework 3.5 Family update for XP - Application Compatibility Update for the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2

SA2905247 KB2894843 .NET 2.0 SP2 update (this is not replaced by ms14-009 kb2901111 despite being older chronologically)


SA2905247 KB2894842 .NET 4 update


There's also the whole bunch for .NET 1.0 - if anyone is using Tablet Edition these are required, the .NET 1.1 will NOT substitute in this case. I think the same may also be true for Media Center Edition but haven't actually used that myself.


There are of course MANY more .NET updates issued from May 2014 onward that apply to XP without any modification. They did not stop with XP EOL - had you really meant to skip them for some reason?


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thanks for feedback w2k4eva -- I'll need some time to open the topic up again, but I wanted to say, I made the list go up and stop at EOS april 2014 because I didn't want to create an overlap with the work being done over on the POSReady thread on XP post-EOS -- also I wanted to share the find for the offline installer for the .NET 3.5 family

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