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Can somebody help me with making a windows 10 aio?


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I downloaded the windows 10 home x86/x64 iso and windows 10 pro x86/x64 iso from microsoft. I wanted to combine these into an all in one disc and remove things such as the languages I will never need and such. I thought this was the right tool but I am struggling :(

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joshamo, the support for it will be added in the next update, out in a day or two if all ok.

edit: AIO support released in the build 3250


As kaljukass said you can also download individual ones and then you can create AIO with NTLite via the Export option.

I believe the AIO is also having them in its subfolders x64/x86 so you don't have to redownload.

Choose one, then you can append images from the other one, just careful when it asks you to overwrite or append the destination.

And make sure the destination is not mounted/loaded.

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