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Add/Remove programs modifications [WIP]

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Well, I know Win9x it's really old, but I'll like to add this small contribution to everyone.

I liked the Tihiys Add/Remove programs replacement, but I'll like to run that one every time I go in the control panel and click Add/Remove programs.


I've talked with Tihiy and he doesn't have the sources for that project anymore, so I'll have to re create it from scratch.


However, a nice feature that I'll like to add is a small hook for the "Windows Components" option, which would modify the original window and embedd into the "Add/Remove replacement". Here I'll share an .exe that does that. (Note: This is not yet the full Add/Remove replacement, just the "Windows Components" wrapper, but this is going to be embedded in the final replacement)


Please note that this project would also hook the execution of "Add/Remove Programs" while its running (either from control panel or command line), and redirect that to run "C:\Windows\System\Programs.exe" (the original program from Tihiy).

However this is not necessary for the final version (since we can replace the .cpl file for Add/Remove progams and add a small proxy code there).


Please comment if you like this and if you woul'd like to see the full Add/Remove programs replacement (which should look like the XP one).

Also comment if this crashes or if it doesn't work as expected!






PS: Should be multi lingual!

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