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Save MSFN.org


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the MSFN.org website needs help with the costs of hosting the website:




i just wanted to mention it, in case some people never look at the "announcements"..


i know the MSFN.org website has been around for a long time.. i am sure that i have been here in the past, but it had not been a forum that i frequented, until now..


i had some issues with "windows", back in november (2014), which led me to this forum, where i found the solution for the problem.. since then, i have been helped with other windows-problems, as well..


there are lots of very knowlegable people here, and it is a friendly forum, and i also like that it is "international", with people from all over the world coming here.. let's keep the MSFN.org forum alive by helping with the costs of hosting the forum.. let's not leave the burden to the owner of the forum, alone..

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