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RDP Server under WinPE


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Long time since I posted here but now I have run into an interesting question. 

Is there an way to get an RDP server running under winpe (not a client connecting to some other server). 


The idea is to find a Open way to do the same thing as DART remote admin does for WinPE if you have SA. 


I have seen sharing applications like http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rds/archive/2007/03/23/writing-a-desktop-sharing-application.aspx but they seem to be missing something since they do display a big Pause sign instead of the picture. 


Edit: To get that far you must include rdpcore.dll and rdpencom.dll with your code and rdpencom must be registered. 



The FreeRDP project is supposed to have a server to but I haven't been able to figure out how to build it. 


I know there are X number of VNC based soloutions out there but I want something based on RDP.

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