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New workaround: Printing with Firefox 3.x & KernelEx!

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Some time ago I remarked the issue that it was not possible to print with Firefox 3.5.19; i.e. Firefox 3.5.19 (and other 3.*-versions) often crashed while trying to print.
You can see old threads regarding this topic:
But nothing seemed to work properly.
So here's now my new workaround. I've written a small extension called PrintWithfFF2 which makes it possible to print making a "detour" via the Firefox 2 engine. So if you want to use PrintWithFF2 you will need the firefox.exe from Firefox 2. Furthermore you need another extension called Command Line Print. I have modified that extension from 0.5.2 to version 0.5.3.
Here are some install instructions (not detailed):
1.) If you have not yet Firefox 2: Download and install (or extract) Firefox from ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/
2.) You will need two separate profiles: One for Firefox 3 and another one for Firefox 2. If you have only one profile (e.g. your Firefox 3 profile), you should now create a new profile for Firefox 2. Don't forget the name of that profile; you'll need it later.
3.) Download PrintWithFF2+CommandLinePrint0.5.3.7z which contains both needed extensions, CommandLinePrint and PrintWithFF2.
4.) Install  cmdlnprint_0_5_3.xpi  in Firefox 2.
5.) Install  PrintWithFF2.xpi  in Firefox 3.
It should not be necessarily to edit settings for CommandLinePrint in Firefox 2.
Now it should be possible to print with Firefox 3 in Win98SE + KernelEx, using the Firefox 2's firefox.exe.
You will find two new options under "File" in Firefox 3:
"Print with Firefox 2..."
"Print Preview with Firefox 2..."
I think it's clear what they do :).
Before using the extension you should have a look into the settings of PrintWithFF2. I think settings are all self-explanatory. You'll see that it's also possible to print to an PNG-image.


It should be clearly that KernelEx must be installed because Firefox 3.* will not work without it.

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