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[Win 8.1] Coping iso file and mounting problem

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I am using Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise 64 bit and Windows ADK.


I noticed that, if I select the "Environment of the deployment tools and creations images" and I click on the "Run as Administrator" item of his Pop-Up menu and I mount on a iso image of windows 8.1 Update, when I run the command


robocopy <Drive_Letter>:\"<Windows_Files_Path>" /e


to copy all its files in a directory and the command


dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:"<Windows_Files_Path>"\install.wim /Index:<Image_Index> /MountDir:"<Mount_Directory_Path>"


to mount an image volume, this error appears:


Error: 0xc1510111Not have permission to mount and modify this image.


However, if I copy these files through the "file explorer" window, the mounting of this volume image is working properly. How come?





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