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An Odd Problem, though not that problematic.

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Hello again, I have been having this odd problem lately with Windows 8.1, where when I login it blinks black then it goes back to normal when logging in (sorta like if it's a remote desktop session, though it's not), not only that but sleep mode disappears under my unoffical start menu.


I keep thinking it's a virus or a reg file that changed something, though I don't know what it is, the thing is almost everytime I install Windows 8.1 it starts doing this by 5 to 6 days though this is a rough guess since I don't know exactly how many days it's been.


The thing is I had a virus previous to this event lately and I removed it, I thought it was Google Chrome doing it. so I swiched browsers and it still happens anyway I'm worried about going back to Windows 8.1 because I think it will happen again and I don't want another virus again, any suggestions would be helpful.



P.S. Windows is depressing me.

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As I recall my Win 8.1 setup blinks black briefly during login as well.  Doesn't break anything as far as I can tell.  Maybe it's Aero Glass for Win 8.1 doing it, or maybe it's the NSA.  Even more possible, the display driver.  I don't believe it's an infection.


I'd suggest against using any kind of Sleep mode.  Drivers do not all equally well implement power transitions.  More problems seem to be reported during (or because of) transitions into / out of power saving modes than any other time.


Regarding being depressed, I don't know what it is you expect of Windows, but if it's a stable, reliable desktop-centric configuration you're after that's reasonably pleasant to use and unlikely to become infected, I have written a how-to book on just how to set up such a system, called "Configure The Windows 8 'To Work' Options".  So far it's 124 pages of obscure and geeky configuration and installation stuff, and I've just thought of a couple more pages to add.


Once you get a Windows 8.1 system tweaked up and running reliably, it can actually be likable.  But you have to get it set up to your liking and get to know it.


Here's an approach that can help you keep your system from being as vulnerable to infection:


  • Download and install the MVPS hosts file to block access to parasite web sites.  This will as a bonus eliminate nearly all ads, and ads are primarily what deliver infections.
  • Reconfigure Internet Explorer to avoid running ActiveX and severely lock down what scripts can do from web sites in the Internet Zone.  You may miss out on some glitz, but I'll guarantee you'll miss out on a lot of infections.  For those few you really, really need ActiveX for, make them Trusted Sites.  When you just can't do without the Glitz, install another browser that can't run ActiveX, such as Safari, but use it sparingly.
  • Practice good computing discipline.  Avoid installing every handy toolbar and neat application that claims it will improve your life.  If you want to try new things, set up a virtualization environment and try things out in a virtual machine.  Research things before downloading them - people often post online about how well programs work for them, and whether they carry malware.
  • Use Autoruns and Process Explorer from SysInternals to watch what gets started and runs on your system.  It's not uncommon to have most of the applications that are set to start automatically disabled.  Most are not needed.
  • Use an anti-malware tool that's better than Microsoft's - I prefer Avast! myself.  You don't need all the extra "tools" they offer to get good protection, just their "shields".  The best part is that their free version is perfectly capable of protecting you.  Note that this is a safety net - if you do everything else here it will not regularly be blocking malware because the malware won't get anywhere near your system.


Just some ideas to help get you to where you like your setup.



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