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I thought I'd share a system file that I customized some time last year. I customized 'MSGINA.DLL' to change the appearance of the Windows 2000 Logon screen, making it look a little bit more slick, I think.


Here's some screenshots:






Basically, I modified the 'MSGINA.DLL' file from Windows 2000 to include some of the text and bitmaps from the Windows XP version of the same file. The scrolling bar underneath the banner, came from Windows Server 2008. I also removed the 'Built on NT Technology' text.




To implement it, I used a method supported by Microsoft exactly intended for implementing custom 'MSGINA.DLL files: I created the following registry string, in the following registry key. See picture below for details.




Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/73k07krl8u368ua/MSGINA.DLL


EDIT: I should probably add some more details about how exactly to install the file. You need to "stash" the file somewhere on the system drive. In the screenshot, you can see that I created a folder called "GMFiles" (Used to store my modified system files) and linked the registry value to the file in that folder. After a reboot, the change will take affect, and the new MSGINA.DLL file will be used for the logon interface. I have been using this file for many months now, completely without issue, I've also decided to change the background colour of the logon screen to match the Windows Server 2003 grey. Of course the usual disclaimer about using this modified system file at your own risk applies.

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