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Live XP disc or USB with battery and power monitoring?

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I have a laptop with Win 7 x64 installed and need to update the BIOS, but the manufacturers BIOS flasher only works with 32 bit XP.

I've tried UBCD4Win and ERD Commander but it won't work with them, no power monitoring. I haven't been able to extract or get the BIOS file to use another flash program.

Without power monitoring, the flash program only gets as far as dropping a 64k DLL and an empty folder into Temp. I tried on another, different brand, laptop (also running 7 x64) and got as far as far as getting the window with the button to go ahead and flash, or cancel - and still the rotten thing had not extracted the BIOS file to anywhere - except perhaps holding it in RAM.

Now that I think more on this, seems very odd that the flasher would run at all on "foreign" hardware yet fail on the machine it is supposed to work on, with the same OS.

So without finding some program able to rip apart the flash program to extract the BIOS file, it either needs a CD or USB bootable live XP, or I'll have to swap in a different hard drive and do a complete install of XP just to update the BIOS. The flasher may also work on Vista x32, which was an option on this laptop. I haven't found any mention of Vista x64 even though most of this model came stock with a 64 bit Core 2 Duo and 4 gigs RAM. Win 7 was never a factory install since the company went out of business before 7 was released.

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