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I am wanting to view/debug a .cmd file and don't know the best way to do it.

I am using microsoft script editor to do .vbs files but with a cmd file it tells me

"no script engine for extension '.cmd'". Can I associate cmd files with

microsoft script engine or is there a debugger that will do the trick. I am

using windows xp.

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I use notepad++ to view the code; what I meant to say was the script does

not work and I want to step through the code, viewing variables, and come

to the line that is stopping the code. I have used Bartpe in the past to boot

from a cd, but am trying to get it to boot from a usb and it is not working.

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The most obvious suggestion is not to turn echoing off and to pause the script at the end.

If you are relatively new to NT Command Scripts then you may be better advised to post the code here, either as an attachment or within code tags, upon your reply.

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