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Laptop can only restart. Problems shutting down, sleeping and hibernat


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Hi All

I have scoured the internet to find a fix to my issue but unfortunately I cannot. I have posted to several communities I am a part of and none have been able to provide results.

I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 netbook running Windows 8.

I recently had some BCD issues where I accidentally altered my boot entries. However I fixed that and it now boots fine. I confirmed with another user from the Lenovo support forums that our boot entries are the same if not similar. In addition I have rebuilt them using bootrec and bootsect.

After I fixed the BCD issue my PC has had issues shutting down, hibernating and sleeping. I'm not sure if it's related to the BCD issue, but it may be. Fixing the BCD involved a lot of booting from disks and is generally a bit messy. However, it can restart fine. It can also resume from a hibernated session, however it still hangs going into hibernation.

Shutting down results in it seemingly exiting the programs (I know because sometimes it will say a certain program is stopping it from shutting down, do you want to force shut down), then it turns the screen off. However the fan still runs and the power light is still on. Referring to MagicAndre's guide, I think it is at the kernelshutdown stage

Sleep/Hibernate is the same.

What I've tried:
I've looked at the recommended methods

  • Turn off fast start
  • Turn off dynamictick
  • I've also rebuilt the BCD using bootrec and bootsect.
  • I've tried startup repair from Windows Recovery, but that says it cannot find winload.efi (which seems to indicate to me that there are still BCD related issues).
  • I've reset the BIOS.
  • I've reinstalled drivers and run windows update
  • I've run it in safe mode with services and programs disabled.
  • shutdown /s /f /t 0 doesnt work
  • Removed all peripherals
  • And others that've slipped from memory.

Finally, I found the trace method today. I ran the shutdown trace but that simulated a restart so it ran smoothly. If I try to trace sleep or hibernate it crashes and the trace produces nothing. I've posted a question in that thread asking for help for that specific issue already. However my shutdown trace is attached in case anyone can glean anything from it. Yes I did try it with logmein disabled but that didnt work either!

I've done my research, i've wracked my brain but nothing!

Really hope someone is able to help. Appreciate your time to read this (long) post. Thank you!!


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It was a little bit different situation but I also once had problems with shutting down / sleeping / hibernation and the culprit was the SATA driver. Are you sure you've got the newest version of the drivers installed?

It may also be caused by a faulty hardware.

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It's possible, but restart is able to shut the computer down. It can also be shut down in certain situations from the BIOS or boot screen I think.

I will reinstall the SATA drivers and try again

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I installed the latest from windows update and it seems to have made chrome render webpages much slower. Maybe I will try to remove the old drivers in their entirety. However I upgraded to 8.1 long before these issues started happening. They only occurred after I have boot issues.

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