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High CPU usage, Windows 8.1


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I recently got a new laptop with Windows 8. For some reason CPU utilization constantly hovers around 25 - 55% even when I am not running any programs. In the last few weeks, I have upgraded to Windows 8.1. Task manager shows system and svchost consuming most of the cycles.

After reading the forums, I have tried to create and review the etl files however can't figure out the issue. I have created the most recent etl and uploaded it here using the following command

"xperf -on latency -stackwalk profile -buffersize 1024 -MaxFile 256 -FileMode Circular && timeout -1 && xperf -d cpuusage.etl"

Could someone review the attached file and advise? All inputs are welcome and very much appreciated.




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the CPU usage of the Kernel coems from the function ntoskrnl.exe!MiClaimPhysicalRun. That happens with old VMware versions which don't support Win8(.1). Update vmware.

Thanks for the magic, Andre. After upgrading VMware, I haven't seen the issue again so far !

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