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  1. Thanks for the magic, Andre. After upgrading VMware, I haven't seen the issue again so far !
  2. Hi I recently got a new laptop with Windows 8. For some reason CPU utilization constantly hovers around 25 - 55% even when I am not running any programs. In the last few weeks, I have upgraded to Windows 8.1. Task manager shows system and svchost consuming most of the cycles. After reading the forums, I have tried to create and review the etl files however can't figure out the issue. I have created the most recent etl and uploaded it here using the following command "xperf -on latency -stackwalk profile -buffersize 1024 -MaxFile 256 -FileMode Circular && timeout -1 && xperf -d cpuusage.etl" Could someone review the attached file and advise? All inputs are welcome and very much appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Vg.

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