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How can i make an advanced batch file?


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i want to make an advanced batch file to do the following, can anyone help me please?

Step 1. When computer is switched on it boots from cd.

Step 2. The Hard-Drive is automatically fdisked

Step 3. The computer is automatically restarted.

Step 4. The hard-drive is automatically formatted to its full size.

Step 5. Once formatted the XCopy command is made to automatically XCopy the Windows 98se cd to the hard-drive.

Step 6. Once XCopy command is finished the next command will automatically be C:\Win98\ then setup

I've been told it can be done using Batch files. can anyone please help me? Thanks!


Gavin. :)

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1 Make a 98 Boot CD

2 Check FDISK Parameters and start it from the autoexec.bat

3 Use a systemrestart tool for rebooting if no parameter in fdisk.

4 let the autoexec.bat or a script check if drive C is there (dunno if its possible without it being formatted), if so perform Format with parameters

5 Do the Xcopy Format with Installation start after that.

Thats the rough plan :)

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