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srvnet preventing standby and ignoring requestsoverride

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I'm having a very annoying problem with standby on this PC, where sometime it goes to standby after xmins as it should and other times it doesn't and when I check the only thing that seems to be preventing it is \FileSystem\srvnet but as you can see from the below, I've set a requestsoverride for that so it shouldn't be. I've also disabled "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" and I'm not using Homegroups so have disabled "HomeGroup Listener" and "HomeGroup Provider" as well. I've also enabled the "Allow Sleep with Remote Opens" setting in Power Options.

I've seen several threads about this problem

>powercfg -requestsoverride[SERVICE][PROCESS][DRIVER]\FileSystem\srvnet SYSTEM

This one suggests setting Media Streaming to Block All under Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings but that's disabled by disabling the WMP Network Sharing Service already. I tried enabling that service, so that I could set this to Block All and then disabling the service again though.


This suggests setting the requestsoveride, which I've already done


I did try using this workaround and letting Mediaportal's PS++ control the standby but I'd rather get it working properly and let Windows handle it (and I think I ran into some other issues using this method anyway)


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