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Wireless Cards for Windows 98 SE (And other hardware)


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I am trying to resurrect my old PC to play some old games and all that kind of jazz, and being far, far away from the router, I'd like to have a wireless card to connect it to the Internet.

I did have a read of that list of compatible hardware thread, but the one card it recommended didn't seem to have any Windows 98 drivers. I might have missed it, but still. As for the chipset, I don't know who sells cards with that chipset.

My question to you, therefore, is what wireless adapter would be the best buy for this legacy machine? I have a Netgear WG111T, but it's crap. No matter what OS you run it under, it'll crash. Especially 98.

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On my 98 machine (Which I am on), I use a USB wifi stick. It's a Sagem XG760A. I purchased it off of ebay a few years ago for a couple of bucks. It works great on my computer.

I dont know i you can still find one, though. Good luck!

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I personally use the USB Netgear WG111v1, and have good results, but a few points must be made about it - as Windows 98 and it don't play well, in some instances:

~ You cannot have it connected BEFORE Windows has booted, as Windows may hang before it can completely start (and its a pain to have to restart twice to get things normal again)

~ Netgear's Wireless Utility causes some funky Windows Explorer behaviour - therefore, once you logon and have it connected, you must quit the application

~ It is advisable to use something like "TCP Optimizer" to ensure the connection is at full speed. Mine runs quite a bit faster after using the said program

Other than these minor niggles, the adapter is very convenient. I have enough computers in one room that I will probably disconnect this one from the Wi-Fi and use another more "compatible" machine to bridge the Wi-Fi connection and a Fast Ethernet connection.

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Oh well, my post vanished during the great forum switcheroo of '13. I'll post again.

Nice one guys. I'm just wondering, do any of you have high speed connections? My old Netgear adapter seemed to choke when my cable connection got upgraded to 10Mb, and it's now at 30Mb. Since one of the suggestions is indeed a Netgear, I'd just like to make sure.

I know this is off-topic (although I doubt I would begrudge myself for hijacking my own thread), but I do have a second query. Is there a particular Sound Blaster card that would be ideal for this system? I know there are a million or so different drivers, with differing compatibility. The dedicated thread shows as much. I'd like a Sound Blaster that plays well with DOS, but a little EAX support for Windows wouldn't go amiss. I have my eye on a Sound Blaster Live! on eBay, but drivers are a concern.

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