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Windows 7 x86 and x64 in one wim

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i have a Question

I have made this one time before but now i cant get it to work i dont know why.

I have a X64 with all version of windows 7 and X86 with all version of windows. and i have download all updates and put them into the install.wim of both of them

Then i would like to export all x64 images to x86 and that is also no problem but when i try to install windows

I can install x86 with out any problems but when i try to install x64

it unpacks and start and when it comesto the last punkt of te first install screen, it says you hardware dont support this version. but when it just install windows 7 x64 from a DVD with ONLY x64 version there is no problems.

imagex.exe /EXPORT C:\Test7\DVDx64\sources\install.wim" 1 %WORKLW%\HOMEBASICx64.wim "Windows 7 HOMEBASIC x64"

imagex.exe /EXPORT C:\Test7\DVDx64\sources\install.wim" 2 %WORKLW%\HOMEPREMIUMx64.wim "Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM x64"

imagex.exe /EXPORT C:\Test7\DVDx64\sources\install.wim" 3 %WORKLW%\PROFESSIONAlx64.wim "Windows 7 PROFESSIONAl x64"

imagex.exe /EXPORT C:\Test7\DVDx64\sources\install.wim" 4 %WORKLW%\ULTIMATEx64.wim "Windows 7 ULTIMATE x64"

IMAGEX /EXPORT c:\HOMEBASICx64.wim 1 C:\Test7\DVD\sources\install.wim "Windows 7 HOMEBASIC x64"

IMAGEX /EXPORT c:\HOMEPREMIUMx64.wim 1 C:\Test7\DVD\sources\install.wim "Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM x64"

IMAGEX /EXPORT c:\PROFESSIONAlx64.wim 1 C:\Test7\DVD\sources\install.wim "Windows 7 PROFESSIONAl x64"

IMAGEX /EXPORT c:\ULTIMATEx64.wim 1 C:\Test7\DVD\sources\install.wim "Windows 7 ULTIMATE x64"

IMAGEX /EXPORT /COMPRESS MAXIMUM C:\test7\DVD\sources\install.wim * c:\install.wim "*"

Then i just copy all folders from DVD x86 to the USB stick.

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i had problems installing W7 Ultimate x64 version from a combined WIM of x86 & x64 version of W7 Ultimate SP1

i took the combined WIM and replaced it with the one on only x64 setup disc and the problem was solved

else take the combined WIM and replace it with the one on only x86 setup disc

My Error on x64 insrall - error 0x080070570 (~70% install complete)

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I have make one before but i dont know if there is a update some make a problem.

it goes to 100% and go on when it comes to the end where it says.

finish the installation then i get a window with red text.,(normal should it just stands there few minutes and then reboot and go on)

this hardware is not support for this version of winodws!

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